1. Alumni (how many of them in total)


2. How long has it been going?

Since 2018

3. Why is this program suitable for me?

It helps to prepare you for a career as a full stack junior developer. You will either be able to work in an organisation or even participate in the gig economy offering your services to others. The program is structured in a way that even if you have no coding background, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to become a junior developer at the end of the 16 weeks.

4. How convenient is this program for me?

You can do this program from the comfort of your home. You will be able to meet fellow students from other countries virtually thus saving on costs of moving to other countries. So your only investment is in the program fees.

All you need is a laptop with video capabilities and stable internet using up about 6-8gb of data per week.

5. How would they conduct the classes?

Classes will be conducted virtually by zoom or other similar technology. Classes will run from 930am to 5.00pm Mondays to Fridays with an instructor guiding you through the lessons. There will be activities for you to do after each session with the guidance of the instructor who will be present and available.

6. Would it be a private lesson 1 to 1 or in a group?

No this will be in a group of 6-8 pax in a class. However, the trainer does conduct regular 1 to 1 check ins for you to clarify any doubts unique to you.

7. What are the objectives of this program?

To reduce the gender inequality in the tech sector.

To provide opportunities for women to enter careers or seek opportunities in higher income generating opportunities in the tech industry.

To provide women tech skills quickly that will in turn provide them with flexibility in working from home while managing their families.

8. If they face difficulties who should they refer to? (if they want to practice after class can they still refer to the trainer after class or they can only communicate with trainer during class time)

Yes trainer is available for questions within reasonable hours.

Students will also be connected into the CodeOp Slack community where they can seek help from fellow students/ instructors in Spain and alumni.

9. What if I am not computer literate, will I be in the same class as people who are familiar with technology?

The program is designed for people with no coding background. All we are looking for is that you have the basic numeracy and logical thinking skills to be able to learn. You will be given pre course materials that you will have to read through before the program starts.

Program is intense-you will also be expected to spend hours outside the program every day to work on the activities assigned. The more you put in the more you can get out of the bootcamp.

10. How easy is this program for the beginners?

The program is not an easy one. Refer above answer

11. What do I need for this program?

Computer and internet. Refer to the above.

12. Are you going to provide notes or manuals?

All resources you need will be available online for you.

13. Will there be tests or exams or this program is all about learning?

This program is project based and very hands on. You will learn, do and learn and do. You will be assessed on your project as well as your activity participation as you go along. There are weekly exams that serve as checkpoints to ensure that you are keeping up with the pace of the program.

14. How long will the program be?

Typically in the face to face program, the program runs for 11 weeks full time and 6 months part time.

In this virtual format, we will be running this for 16 weeks with daily check ins/lectures and classes similar to the full time program.

15. Is there any payment plan?

If you hold a Maybank credit card, we do provide an ezipay instalment scheme for you.

For non-malaysians you will have to make your own financing arrangements.

16. What’s the timetable going to be like?

As above.

17. What are the benefits if I join this program?

As above.

18. What are the contributions of the partners to this program? (TechSprint and CodeOp)

TechSprint is Malaysia’s first women only coding school and we have partnered with CodeOP to bring to you the FSD program at the CodeOp KL campus. All the content for the FSD program comes from Spain. TS is the local partner and we provide the trainers and the facilities for the program.

Other than the FSD, TS also runs short courses in tech.

19. Are you going to provide a certificate for this program?

Yes a certificate will be provided.

20. Has the program been accredited?

Not as such. However, our graduates have all found employment within 6 months of graduating.

21. Can we use this certificate to work?

Yes certainly. And include your projects in your portfolio too.

22. What’s the price for this program?

The total for the 16 weeks program will be RM 12,500.

23. What are the qualifications of the teachers/trainers

The trainers have 2-3 years of experience as senior developers and trainers.

24. Feedbacks from alumni

It is shared on our social media from time to time.

25. Where is the company address? I.e company details - email and contact number

If you go on our website you, will see contact button and click on that to find our address, contact number and email.

26. Do I get a refund if I find this program is not useful

All this will be covered in our student agreement that will be provided to you once you sign up. If you withdraw no refunds will be provided.

27. Will there be any evaluation on participant’s progress? - after program

We would like you to be part of our CodeOp community and alumni and support future cohorts.

28. Can the participant extend their program (to learn more)

You can sign up for other bootcamps or short courses to expand your skill sets and increase your marketability.

29. Can the participant reschedule or postpone the program?

We can discuss this as the situation arises

30. Should I find this program not appealing to me, can I reassign someone else to continue?

Not really as they would have missed the first part of the program

31. Is this program strictly for women?


32. Once the MCO is over, would the classes still be conducted virtually?

Once this cohort starts, it will be conducted virtually. If the MCO is lifted we may have 1 or 2 meetings to enable face to face interaction but we envisage this to be minimal. We will review this for the next cohort.