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23 Mar 2021

Women chart a new course with tech

Underwritten by digital education, the programme is designed to help women step into tech-related careers.

08 Mar 2021

Women chart a new course with tech

Experts believe helping women to become tech-enabled will allow them to explore other employment opportunities..

08 Mar 2021

Taking it in their stride

To mark International Women's Day, we talk to women who say that although entering the tech world has not been easy, they are making headway by working together.

08 Mar 2021

Charting a new course

Her workday begins at 2pm when Nordiana will kick off her first live video on promote food iterms from cakes to potato chips on Facebook...

08 Mar 2021

Women fight for funding

Being a women in the overwhelmighty male world of venture capital was still a barrier but ...

30 Dec 2020

5 Main Issues Faced By Women In Tech That This M'sian Coding Academy Is Actively Solving

It’s an oft-quoted claim, how coding is an unfriendly place to women. Women made up only 21% of Malaysia’s cybersecurity workforce in 2017

23 Oct 2020

Tech Talk Friday with Goh Seok Mei, CEO Graffiquo

This week, we have the CEO of Graffiquo, Goh Seok Mei on the show to share her insights and also how she is continuing to build her business in this pandemic.

23 Oct 2020

TechSprint Academy announces the launch of Rebound: A career comeback program for women

TechSprint invites women to join Rebound and discover their new superpowers and build a stronger support network and community of women in tech and business.

21 Oct 2020

TechSprint Launches Rebound, Career Comeback Programme for Women

Women invited to join Rebound and discover their new superpower. It is designed to help women get back on their feet, return to workforce stronger than ever.

20 Oct 2020

Helping women rebound into the workforce

We discuss what businesses can do to help unemployed and underemployed Malaysian women discover new career and economic opportunities, with Vani Mahadevan, co-founder of TechSprint Academy.

13 Oct 2020

Programme to help women step into tech-related careers

Rebound is open to women across Malaysia who are 21-50, have taken a career break or been retrenched or never found any employment to date.

09 Mar 2020

Breaking the code: Women are striding into tech-related industries

Empowering initiatives are helping more women overcome gender stereotyping, allowing them to break into the lucrative tech field.

03 Feb 2020

2020 Emerging Jobs Report Malaysia

An emerging job may have grown out of a more traditional job, or it may be a completely new job that has been created to address business needs.

31 Jan 2020

TechSprint offers international recognised coding programme for Malaysian women

Founders Vani Mahadevan and Purnima Wijendra look to address market gap they see.

09 Jan 2019

We have to fight for a fairer tech industry for women

Through hidden biases and a lack of female representation, we risk confirming – not closing – the global gender gap.

07 Jan 2019

Commentary: Where are all the women? The myth of the pipeline problem in Asia’s tech sector

The gender disparity doesn’t arise solely from the low numbers of female STEM graduates, says Dell Inc’s Sophie Guerin.

18 Apr 2018

Why We Need More Coding Schools Just for Women

What does a school for coding, web programming, and design just for women look like?

01 Jan 2017

The Importance Of Coding For Women Entrepreneurs In 2017 And Beyond

Women today are more interested in entrepreneurship than ever before.